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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

  • What's the Jazz Business Marketplace?

    Jazz Business Marketplace is one click web based platform that lets you use and manage your business applications in one simple and secure place

  • How do I check my Jazz Biz Marketplace bill summary?

    Simply log in to marketplace with your registered account and download your marketplace bill summary.

  • Can I change my email address in Jazz Biz Marketplace?

    Yes. You’ll need to update your contact email address in your profile settings on Jazz Biz Marketplace to ensure you continue to get notifications for any actions taken on Marketplace.

  • What is the subscription billing model and how I am charged for each subscription?

    All subscriptions are pre-paid. You will be charged upfront for a monthly or annual basis depending on the billing term and product selected.

  • Where can I get help understanding my Bill Invoice Summary?

    You can view, download, and pay your monthly bill in your My Jazz Business Marketplace accountProducts that you've purchased and manage in Jazz Business Marketplace

  • Can I cancel /suspend subscription?

    Yes, you can cancel/suspend subscription based on the time window mentioned in the terms and conditions of the product

  • How do I pay for bill invoice summary?

    Jazz Business Marketplace is via mobile wallet or debit /credit card.

  • Is tax applicable on the products offered on Jazz business marketplace?

    Yes, all government applicable taxes will be applicable.

  • How can I reach to Jazz for any support?

    You can resume your subscriptions by paying the billing invoice summary mentioned amount from payment section of your Jazz Business Marketplace profile.

  • How can I resume my subscriptions suspended due to late payment?

    If you have registered account of Jazz Business Marketplace, you can write to us by logging a ticket for two types.

    1. Product support: you can click and open ticket for any concern pertaining to the subscribedproduct
    2. Profile support: you can click and open ticket for any concern pertaining to your registered account and profile
    3. Helpline Number: You can call on 0304-1110169

  • Can I get refund if I cancel my order?

    No refund will be provided in case of order activation. As Jazz Business Marketplace is selfsubscription platform and orders will be charged as soon as order is placed.

  • What happens to my data if I cancel my Microsoft subscription?

    Your data is yours. If you decide to cancel your Microsoft 365 subscription, you can download your data—for example, your email and documents on team sites—and save it to another location. You should save your data before you cancel. After you cancel your subscription, data associated with any product will not be available. Therefore, all the data to be backed up before canceling subscriptions.

  • Can I subscribe the service if I am existing customer of Jazz business?

    Yes, you can.

  • What is the MSISDN number showing on my billing invoice?

    It is a unique identification number given to you to track your billing. However, you will not be allowed to get SIM against this number. This is only given as a unique identification for billing purposes.

  • If I am existing Jazz business customer, will I be able to see consolidated invoice of all the services subscribed on marketplace?

    No, you will only see invoices or billing summary for the products subscribed via marketplace.